Research Paper Published in Conference & Books chapter

Sr. No Name of the teacher Title of the book/chapters published Title of paper Document
01 Prof. N. N. Maskar 75 Years of Indian Independence and Women's Empowerment in Movies -- View
02 Dr. C. D. Morey 'Challenges And Hurdles in The Journey of Women Empowerment At 75th Anniversary Independence -- View
03 Prof. P. R. Chate Amrit Mahotsavaof Independence and Women’s Problems in Reality -- View
04 Prof. P. R. Chate -- Indian Agricultural Law's and Development of Agriculture View
05 Dr. C. N. Rathod -- The Term Diaspora: Origin and Literature in A Nutshell View
06 Dr. A. B. Gaware Cestode Fauna -- View
07 Prof. D. M. Dhage Recent Agriculture Development and Its Issue -- View
08 Dr. R. W. Ukey -- A Report of Dicot Leaf JulianiophyllumMohgaonensis from Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Mohgaon Kalan, Madhya Pradesh, India View
09 Prof. P. R. Chate -- Reasons For Less Productivity of Indian Agriculture View
10 Dr. C. D. Morey -- Physico-Chemical Analysis Of Gulbheli River and Nalganga Reservoir, Nalgangapur, Dist. Buldana,Maharashtra State, India View
11 Dr. A. B. Gaware -- On A New Cestode of Moniezia (Cestoda-Anoplocephalidae) From the Intestine of Capra Hircus (L.) From Ghansavangi, District Jalna (M.S.) View
12 Dr. A. B. Gaware -- Histopathalogical Study of Lytocetus Specicies Infection in Host Intestine Clarias Batrachus(L) From Kham River, Aurangabad (M.S.) India View
13 Dr. A. B. Gaware -- Biochemical Profile and Inhibitory Effect of HaliclonaPermollis (Bowerbank,1866) Marine Sponge of Ratnagiri, West Coast of India View
14 Prof. P. R. Chate -- Self-Help Groups and Women Empowerment View
15 Prof. D. M. Dhage -- Research Methods and Forms of Research Process View
16 Prof. G. S. Kiroche -- Thoughts Of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on Democracy View
17 Prof. P. M. Gaiki -- Coupled Map Lattice on Diffusion Limited Aggregate: Dynamics on A Random Fractal View
18 Abhay Chandrakant Thakur -- Spontaneous Biochemical Changes of Pesticides on Fresh Water Catla in Buldhana View
19 Arun Gaware, Asha Bidkar and Sunita Borde -- Morphological And Molecular Study Of Stilesia Sp. (Cestoda:Anaplocephalidea) A Cestode Parasite Of The Domestic Goat Capra Hircus (L.) In Jalna District (M.S.), India View
20 Prof. Avinash Suresh Meherkar -- Rabindranath Tagore a Social Reformer View
21 Prof. P. R. Chate -- Agricultural Development and Poverty Alleviation View
22 Prof. P. R. Chate -- Globalization And Indian Agriculture System View
23 Prof. G. S. Kiroche -- Indian Mall Culture: Concepts of Malls View
24 Prof. G. S. Kiroche -- Indian Economy Growing Through E-Commerce View
25 Prof. V. N. Dhumal -- Training As a Part of Human Resource and Management View