Inception of Department:

The college was established in the year 1990 with two faculties viz. arts and commerce. Faculty of Science came into existence in the academic session 2009-10 on non-grant basis. Department of Physics got established in the same session. The department continued to function with teachers being appointed on clock hour basis. Science faculty drew a lot of students from semi-urban/ rural background to the college enhancing the enrollment in the college.

Progression of the department:

The science faculty received grants from the state government in the beginning of the year 2013. Physics department along with other science departments had a great scope to prosper because of this. Full-time teaching staff got inducted into the department in the year 2019 streamlining the chores. Mr. V.R. Hiranwale occupied the chair of Head. Mr. D. B. Channekar, Mr. P.A. Bramhankar, Dr. S.S. Behere, Mr. P.M. Gaiki, Mr. R.S. Bankar became his colleagues.

Current Status:

At present, Dr. S.S. Behere heads the Department of Physics with a skilled, qualified and energetic team of total four faculty members. Recently Dr. Yuoraj S. Tamgadge joined the college on transfer from Warud. Dr. Ashish R. Choudhary joined the college on transfer. He got transferred to society’s college in Akot. Mr. Bankar, Mr. Hiranwale got transferred to society’s college in Warud. The department has well equipped laboratories. The faculty of department uses advanced teaching techniques besides ICT. Numerous students excel in the examinations conducted by the SGBAU, Amravati. The alumni of the department are pursuing higher education in various other institutes of repute.
Few of them are placed in notable institutions, organizations, enterprises; entrepreneurship being the other virtue.

Remarkable features:

Designing of indigenous laboratory apparatus, Engagement of virtual labs, e- academic management system, Remedial coaching of slow learners, Advance-learners teaching scheme.


Department of physics defines its mission in the context of academic excellence, scientific rigor, and scientific integrity. Our primary responsibility is to prepare undergraduate students for careers in physics and technical fields. In light of the fact that physics is a bridge between technology and society, department of physics is committed to bringing an understanding of physics and science to the general students. Our purpose is to inspire and educate our students to become autonomous thinkers and active citizens.


(1) Knowledge:- Physics majors will be conversant with the major ideas and techniques of classical and modern physics.
(2) Skills:- Physics majors will become proficient in mathematics, laboratory, and computer skills and problem solving.
(3) Communication:- Physics majors will communicate their knowledge in written reports and oral and poster presentations.
(4) Research:- Physics majors will contribute to the knowledge base of physics through research.
(5)Careers:- Physics graduates will be able to begin physics-related careers in teaching, industry, or research.