Political Science

About Department


To strengthen, understand and appreciation of the rights and privileges granted by the Indian Constitution, and become aware of the political processes and the actual functioning of the political system.


• To acquaint with the dynamics of Indian Administration.
• Prepare the students to become responsible citizens.
• Preparation for civil service and competitive examinations.

    The department of Political Science was established in the year 1990 with the inception of the College. Political Science has gradually evolved as a major course which encompasses a study not only domestic Politics but also international political scenario. Department offers the students many opportunities for career building and intellectual avenue as well. Apart from regular classroom teaching learning process department always conducts various competitive examinations so that students can appear competitive examinations. Department also conducts days like constitution day to sensitize students to the constitutional duties and responsibilities. Voter awareness day celebrated through organizing voters awareness rally. Debate competition, essay competition are regular part of departmental activities. Experiential learning achieved through visits to places like panchayat samiti, court etc.