Research Paper Published

Sr. No Title of paper Name of Author Document
1 Ambedkari Shahir: Waman Dada Kardak Prof. N. N. Maskar View
2 Ecology And Behaviour of Hemidactylus Leschenaultia (Dumeril and Bibron, 1836) From Buldhana District. Dr. A. C. Thakur View
3 The Modernist Poetry or Modernist Sensibility: It's Important Features Dr. C. N. Rathod View
4 The Indian Economy Is in Dire Straits Due to Corona Prof. P. C. Chate View
5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning Prof. P. C. Chate View
6 PPST Covod-19 Situation in a Facile Approch for The Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of Coumarine Derivatives Prof. B. S. Bhise View
7 Synthesis And Spectral Characterization Of 2-Azitidinone Derivatives Prof. B. S. Bhise View
8 Further Study of Sahnianthous from Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Chindwara District of Madhya Pradesh, India Dr. R. W. Ukey View
9 Role Of Banking Sector in Government Scheme Prof. G. S. Kiroche View