About Department


To impart language skills with single-minded devotion to a large section of underprivileged learners from rural areas.


a) To improve the four basic language skills and communication skills.
b) To enable students to be fluent in English language skills.
c) To cultivate a sense of understanding of English language.
d) To reinforce the various soft skills.

   Shri. Shivaji Arts, Commerce, and Science came into being in 1990 with the opening of Arts and Commerce faculties. Since the beginning, the department has highly qualified teaching staff. In 2009, Compulsory English was introduced to B. Sc I with its establishment. To elevate students’ holistic development, the department arranges various curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities every year. Activities like Essay Writing Competition, Letter Writing Competitions, English Grammar Quiz Competitions, English Orthography Competitions as well as One Week, Fifteen Day, One Month Effective English Communication Certificate Courses shape the personality of the students. It also helps them develop their communication skills in English. The department also attempts to organize state and national-levelworkshops, seminars, and conferences.

Aims & Objectives

a) To enable the students to communicate or converse in English
b) To help to create surroundings suitable for spoken and written English.
c) To give some paragraphs of other languages to write in English daily.
d) To develop the four basic language skills LSRW by regular practice.
e) To teach how to frame WH questions.
f) To enable students to use English appropriately in appropriate situations.